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Our collection of wax melters is a safe alternative to the traditional candle and will become the discreet and essential asset in any room with our signature scents as well as a series of new scents that are sometimes more appropriate for the kitchen, the bedroom, the room. bathroom, or whatever depending on your tastes and preferences. Composed of vegetable soybean wax, our wax melts do not emit any soot, and have a low melting point which ensures that the wax never gets hot. This combination is safe with children and pets.


Proposed fragrances:


. Black tea & bergamot

. Orange & Lavender

. Grapefruit & Geranium

. Citrus blast

. Green apple

. Cranberry & Lemon

. Coconut & lime

. Green apple & mint

. Grapefruit & berries


But still...:


. Handmade

. Vegan

. 100% natural

. Palm oil free

. Phthalate free

. Paraben free

. Biodegradable


ADVICE & USE : To perfume your environment with our scents, place one or two squares of wax melter in a diffuser provided for this purpose. Light the device, electric or with a lantern, until the perfume has evaporated (lasting about 8-10 hours for two squares). When adding new waxes, we recommend that you clean the container thoroughly. To do this, let it set and gently remove the residue by scraping then cleaning with hot soapy water if your type of stove allows it.


CAUTION / WARNING : Always stay home when your wax melter is on a votive and keep it out of the reach of children or pets.

Soy & coconut wax fondant chocolate bar - 75g

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