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With its fresh scent of grapefruit & berries, our version of the country's soap with a very discreet look, but with unsuspected power, is now revealed to you. Wine stains, beet juice, candle coloring, olive oil, blood, sweat, herbs, ink, berries and more ! These usually stubborn stains, Marcel's soap transforms them into fleeting memories ! CAUTION : We have observed this behavior in several of our testers. This soap can diffuse in you a fleeting madness of hunting for the rebellious stain which will make you shine and inspect any piece of fabric which will pass through your hands or under your gaze.


TIPS & USE : Offered in a practical size, you can rest it directly on its soy wax tablet to let it dry once used. It can thus be stored and prolong its use for a longer time. But still, zero waste you said ? Once the soap is finished, you can put the support tablet in the burner (wax diffuser) to continue to give off its clean laundry scent.


Wet the stain, apply the soap in rotation, allow to penetrate and machine wash or wait 15 to 20 minutes, rub again and rinse with water. No coloring, no active ingredient from petrochemicals.

Marcel soap (the cat) / Laundry stain remover - 70g

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