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Very precise expertise yes, but possibly the most powerful in its category on the green products market. Composed of compatible organic ingredients that are gentle on the environment, the pot and pan scouring cake from J'habite chez mon chat contains, among other things, pumice stone powder of volcanic origin and diatomaceous earth accompanied by our citrus-based degreasing agent and, together, provide a gentle and effective abrasion that makes wonders on our kitchen tools often put to the test in the oven. Only for the unsettling satisfaction that comes with it, you'll be the first person to jump in and say, "I'm washing, you're drying ! ".


But still...:

. Handmade

. Vegan

. 100% natural

. Palm oil free

. Phthalate free

. Paraben free

. Sulfate free

. Biocompatible


TIPS & USE : Wet the cake scrub, scrub with a sponge or scouring brush, then scrub and rinse.


CAUTION : This product is not suitable for feflon coatings.

Pot & Pan Scouring Cake - Watermelon

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