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No but, let's face it, they are adorable and so original ! Make no mistake, these are indeed canned cane candles like those little gourmet pleasures that we lovingly serve at our little pets. Our hand-poured soy wax candles are available solo or as a discovery set and in 5 choice of scents, our 5 signature scents :


. Black tea & bergamot

. Orange & lavender

. Citrus blast

. Grapefruit & geranium

. Green apple


They are non-toxic and made from 100% vegetable and natural materials. Their estimated duration of around 20-25 hours is due to the lower combustion temperature of soy wax compared to any other wax. Much healthier for the environment in its process and its composition, it will be just as much for the air which circulates in the household by its advantage in not releasing any soot.


But still...:


. Handmade

. Vegan

. 100% natural

· Palm oil free

. Phthalate free

. Paraben free


Format : 130 g

Estimated duration : 20-25 hours

Soy wax candle

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