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Embodied softness or drying balls, it is to be mistaken ! Here are the stunning 100% all-natural Finnish sheep wool drying balls. Handmade using sheep wool from a farm in St-François-Xavier-de-Brompton in the Eastern Townships, these brown-black and white-cream drying balls ensure drying in the dryer. more economical laundry while increasing the softness of the fibers.

. Eliminate the use of fabric softener
. Economical by reducing drying time
. Made in Quebec with Finnish sheep wool known for the softness of their fiber
. Compatible with a vaporization of our odor eliminator to amplify the sensory experience of your clean laundry
. Well plump and durable.


Our cats love them…but we don't lend them !

3 Drying balls made from 100% Finnish sheep wool

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