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It lives up to its name, All Purpose ! Composed of compatible organic ingredients that are gentle on the environment, the all purpose scouring cake from J'habite chez mon chat will help you shine the bathtub, faucets, sinks, toilet seat, shower tiles in a jiffy. You'll find yourself moving it from room to room wondering what else would easily. Taking nothing away from the charm of the dish cake from J'habite chez mon chat, this scouring cake comes to the rescue of other rooms in the house and is responsible for the shine that lasts and becomes a beautiful complement to the range of the brand's cleaning products.


But still...:


. Handmade

. Vegan

. 100% natural

. Palm oil free

. Phthalate free

. Paraben free

. Sulfate free

. Biocompatible


TIPS & USE : Wet the scouring cake, scrub with a cloth, sponge or scouring brush, then scrub and rinse.

All Purpose Scouring Cake - Lemon & Rosemary

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